The department of Technology of silicates in Ivanovo Chemistry and Technology Institute started functioning as an independent structural unit in September 1931, but training the engineers in this branch in Ivanovo, began in 1919, when Ivanovo-Voznesensky Polytechnic Institute (IVPI) was organized the Department of Chemistry and Technology of mineral substances which trained the specialists in basic chemical industry, mineral salts and dyes, glass and building materials. The department of Mineral Technology (MT) was headed by P. Budnikov (1885-1968) from 1919 to 1926. Professor P. Budnikov well known to numerous generations of the students. Later he became a Hero of Socialist Labor, winner of three Stalin Prizes, a corresponding member of USSR Academy of Sciences, member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Poland. In Ivanovo, P. Budnikov was a greate is scientist. Later, P. Budnikov became the head of the department of silicates technology in Kharkov Institute of Technology (1926-1943) and in Moscow Institute of Chemistry and Technology after D. Mendeleev (1944-1968).

In 1926, V. Yuferev, who arrived in Ivanovo-Voznesensk from Odessa became the head of the Department of MT. From 1926 to 1937 prof. Yuferev headed the chair at chemistry faculty Ivanovo-Voznesensny Politechnic Institute (IVPI, 1926-1930), and then in newly created Ivanovo-Voznesensk Institute of Chemistry and Technology (1930 - 1937). In 1931, the Department of the MT Engineering Institute of Chemical Technology (EICT). Was divided into three special chairs, and one of them was Chair of technology of silicates, which was headed by Professor V. Yuferev. At that time associate prof. M. Gromikat, seniour teacher K. Krause, teachers V. Serdyukov and V. Uspenskiy worked at the department EICT. This department exested till 1938, when under the supervision of  People's Commissariat of Defense Industry and ammunition, and a number of "civil" departments, including the department of technology of silicates, have been closed V. Yuferev left Ivanovo for Sverdlovsk and became a professor of Sverdlovsk Industrial Institute. He died in 1950 in that city.

After the Great Patriotic War Ivanovo Institute of Chemistry and Technology was governed by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, and that department which were closed in the 30s, began to recover. In 1955 a "reborn" Department of Silicate Technology appeared again. It was headed by Associate Professor V. Serdyukov (1902-1975), a graduate from IVPI in 1927, who was a student of prof. P. Budnikov and V. Yuferev.

Since the sixties of the XX century, and until 2007 Professor V. Komlev, associate prof. J. Schipalov, A. Borisov, N. Mihalchik, I. Kulikova, B. Gvozdkova, A. Marbach, E. Kharitonov, A. Kelin, senior teachers S. Kuznetsova, J. Kuznetsov, V. Brovikov, E. Kornilov and others worked at the department.

V. Serdyukov, head of the department till 1971, then Ph.D. S. Gordeev headed the first department of technology of silicates, and from 1980 to 1987 the department of Chemical Technology of Fibrous Materials.

E. Alexandrov (Ph.D., professor) headed the chair of Chemistry Technology of Ceramics and Fire Proof Materials from 1980 to 1987 and then the chair of Chemical Technology of Refractory Nonmetallic and Silicate Materials (CTRN and SM).

At present, prof. M. Butman, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics sciences leads the department of CTRN and SM.

During 60 years of its existence (except 1938-1955) the department has trained about 4,000 graduates who were working and are working in various branches of industry, factories, scientific research institutes. Among them, V. Tovarov Doctor of Technical Sciences, State Prize winner of the USSR, S. Stepanov  Ph.D. the former chief engineer of Lytkarino optical glass plant twice winner of the State Prize of the USSR, founder and first director of the scientific research Institute of Glass in Gusev, D. Clegg USSR State Prize winner laureate, other winners of the USSR State Prize namely P. Krysanova, V. Arefev; officials of ministries and research institutes V. Romanov, A. Smirnov, J. Spirin, etc.; laureates of the Council of Ministers prise of the USSR A. Savichev, V. Gerasimov, Ph.D. V. Molev etc.

In 1987, the Department organized the All-Union Conference on the use of waste chemical, metallurgical and fuel industry for the manufacture of glass, ceramics, ceramic and other building materials. In 1991 at the Department organized the last All-Union Conference of heads of silicate profile departments in Plyos, Ivanovo region.

In 2010, at the meeting of the Academic Council it was decided to rename the chair into the department of "Technology of Ceramics and Nanomaterials".